Worst Dresses Of Bollywood Celebrities



Today here we decided to list out some worst dressed Celebrities that wear Boring Dresses which we never have expected from them.Actress always trying to make her appearance more desirable and want to look flattering but sometime they get well misguided dresses,
Top Worst Dresses Of Bollywood

and somewhere they copy the style of other fashion icon which is not good idea,Actress should wear according to their individual look that suit to their height and figure,wearing the high fashion label dress is not enough to look beautiful and stunning.

Worst Dressing Of Bollywood Actresses:

Included list of actress who wear worst dresses at their Best,Let’s talk about celebrities who penalized Due to their terrible dressing

  • Vidya Balan
  • Sonakshi Sinha
  • Aishwariya Rai
  • Anushka Sharma
  • Sonal Chauhan
  • Urmila Matondkar
  • Malika Sherawat
  • Asin thottumkal

Vidya Balan Worst Dress:
Vidya Balan Worst Photos

Vidya Balan At Cannes awards wear a horrible outdated sarree that we can’t expect from her ,every celebrity has its own unique style ,but unique should be best t00,that fans could follow,the penalty for this  worst dress is must be considered.

Sonakshi Sinha Worst Dress:
Sonakshi Dressing Style

This is the name of actress who recently make her goodwill in the Bollywood industry by performing well in their film,Sonakshi Sinha Choose silhoute dress which not suit to her fat figure body shape,
Sonkashi is well misguided by her designer,that make worst dress for her.

Aishwariya Rai Worst Dress:
Aishwariya Worst Dressing

Aishwariya Had been the Miss India  before coming to the Bollywood,After the birth of Baby she become a fat and badly loose her beauty,Aishwariya wear the stupid contrast sarree and appeared to be a desi.but having no fun with the fashion,Green and golden is such a odd fashion and saree she choose  to wear is totally offended.

Anushka Sharma Wardobe Maulfuntion:
Anushka Sharma Cute Smile

No Doubt Anushka Sharma have a cute face and always look beautiful but the dress she wear is not so pretty,this is appearance of anushka sharma at style screen awards,

Sonal Chauhan:
Sonal Chauhan best and wrost Dress

Sonal Chuahan Spotted this dress at filmfare awards,dress is totally worst color of dress  having transparent costume,design is weird.She Wear this extraordinary dress to have something unique.but its not so pretty.

Urmila Matondkar:
Urmila Sizzling dresses

Urmila is senior actress that was the time when their fans like to follow her fashion style.but after the time pass i think she loose her fashion sense and shocked us by wearing this worst dress at the style screen award.

Malika Sherawat And Asin Worst Dress :
Malika sherawat Stupid Dress

Malika Sherawat is item girl of Bollywood Industry which always wear horrible dress and prove to be a hottest girl.Malika Sherawat fashion sense mostly shocked us , As you can see in the picture she wear a gray color frock looking so odd.

We compare malika sherawat with Asin Thottumal they are wearing worst dresses of same calibre.

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