Why Amjad Sabri Shot Dead? A view on Life of Amjad Sabri



People say “He is Dead in the city where Peace is a Dream, Life is Cheap and Terrorists are in Power”. The question raises that Why Amjad Sabri Shot Dead?. He didn’t have any relations in Mafia or in any activity that harms Humanity. Then why? Amjad Sabri Dead news are spread whole over the world and people are searching for reason.¬†Lets have a thorough pass through from life of Amjad Sabri.

Why Amjad Sabri Shot Dead


Suffis have huge respect in heart of Muslims, as well non Muslims. The reason is they always try to do best for the support of humanism. Amjad Sabri was one of famous suffis from Pakistan. People surely enjoy his Kalam and the way he performs. He belongs to a Sabri family and lives in Western area of Karachi (the biggest city of Pakistan). He was born on December, 23, 1976 in a family of Qawwals (a traditional form of singers for devotion to holy personalities in Islam). His Father’s name is Ghulam Fareed Sabri and uncle’s name is Maqbool Sabri. Both Ghulam Fareed Sabri and Maqbool Sabri together forms Sabri Brothers, and are internationally famous for Qawwali singing. His father taught him about suffi music, and then he got his future as a no return point.

Family of Amjad Sabri

Sabri Brothers

He said in his interview that his father told him every thing and helped him much to grow in this field: “The most hardest part was to wake up early in the morning at 4:00 AM to do Riaz”. The famous Singer and Qawwal Rahat Fateh Ali Khan was held to be one of his good friend and he also asked that Why Amjad Sabri Shot Dead? Amjad Sabri peresented the work of his Family (Father and Uncle) in a new and unique way which helps Youngsters to get in touch with Sufiana Qalam. The qalam of Sabri brothers as ‘Bhar do Jholi’, ‘Tajdar e Haram’ are re-performed by Amjad Sabri.

Amjad Sabri Dead

Last year he threatened to stand against “Bajrangi Bhaijan” to use his family asset “Bhar do Jholi” without his permission. As his family also gets hurt that Bollywood should take permission before using their asset. His siblings and people from surroundings say that he was one of the kindhearted people and all of them get shocked by getting the dead news of Amjad Sabri Dead.

Spot of Incident:

At June, 22, 2016 on 16th Ramadan he performed a Kalam in Sehri and then he was heading towards a TV Channel. Where a group of gunned persons surround him and fired 5 bullets at his car from which 2 bullets caused death of Amjad Sabri.

Why Amjad Sabri Shot Dead Reasons Prediction:

Sufism is holy part of Singing and is followed by millions of Muslims. But recently it is under attack by extremists Sunnis. Taliban also spot this thing as Haram in Islam. Their could be many reasons for which Amjad Sabri Shot Dead. 

News says that Amjad Fareed Sabri was often invited by MQM in their show and he joined them many times, but somehow by any reason he refused to join the show one time. After refusal he started getting black mailed by MQM, and the incident got occurred today.

A blasphemy case was sentenced against Amjad Sabri last year when he mentioned the names of family members of Holy Prophet (P.B.U.H.) in a song. Still this is not sure if he is killed for this reason or not. May God gives patience to his family. Prime Minister Pakistan Mian Nawaz Sharif also condemned this brutality and stated: “singer would be immensely missed”.

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