Umar Akmal Arrested For Slapping Traffic Police



umar akmal arrested for slapping traffic warden

Umar Akmal is Pakistani famous Cricketer,has been charged for thrashing the Traffic Police warden and arrested on Saturday evening
Police said that this Exploit was happened near the Firdous Market (Lahore) that He is violated the traffic rules and when the warden ask him to pay a fine he   denied and   threaten him and also tore warden shirt from the collar

umar Akmal Said that He Was going to function and getting already late while the warden stop him and thrash him for the little reason and get heated on him when the police taken him to the Gulberg police station (Lahore) traffic warden identified as ‘Zeeshan’ Swore that Akmal beat him when he asked to show the document of car and the reason for which traffic police  stop him  that he break the signal

Police said the umar akmal had a fault as He claimed  that warden slapped him,  there was no sign of hurt on his face and He failed to prove his argument even the shirt of traffic police officer “zeeshan” had torn from the collar that was showing prominent.

Umar Akmal also claimed that all the incident was captured in the CCTVcamera, they can see  that who is guilty but his lame excuses not work there and at the end police officer registered the case against him  for misbehaving the warden
His Brother Kamran want to meet his brother but police didn’t allowed any one meet the Victim
after that his father come’s and tried to solve the matter and  get bailed his son.

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