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Transformers is gonna released it  fourth part of the series as it had a great business with last three movies of Transformer Series.this turn is for the 4th part which is gonna be bigger and badder, Recently the Super Bowl Teaser Released for “Transformers Age of Extinction” the story line would be similar to the 1 three parts as its story is written on the mechanical robot fight using heavy machinery and Transformer 4 Budget is set to more than 250 million.No Doubt fans are very excited to watch this full movie and waiting.

transformer Age Of Extinction 4 teaser Review:

We Assume that you might need to know more about this Official Teaser of the Smashing Movie whose previous earn millions of $ Worldwide
The Duration of the Teaser Is 30sec in which Dinobot is Playing in air condition and fighting with Dinobots, the action and adventures of Robot in a new way and cartoon of Robot you can see in this teaser which will confirm you about the upcoming look of Dinobot and the actors playing lead role the movie  Mark Wahlberg, who is very good and sincere with his work and have goodwill in the industry,he is always ready to hit the silver screen even he had to perform hard action or adult comedy his best movies Like “Ted 2012” Earn the gross of 500$ million worldwide.

Transformers  Series Detail :
this movie is directed by Micheal Bay Co and produced by Paramount Picture
Complete Series List of this Movie: 

The Transformers :

Budget : $150 Million
Gross:  $319,246,193
Releasing Year 2007 
Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen (2009):

Budget : $200 Million
this budget is 50 million more than 1st part of the movie
Gross:  $836 million worldwide

Releasing Year 2009

Transformers: Dark of the Moon (2011)

this time added 30 Million more to make this movie action 3-d
Budget : $270 Million
Gross:  $1billion 
Releasing Year 2011

Transformers Age Of Extinction Super Bowl Cast And Crew:

Here we have complete cast and crew detailed list for the 4th Transformers

Writter: Ehren Kruger
Directed By :Micheal Bay
Major Cast: Mark Wahlberg,  Nicola Peltz,  Stanley Tucci,  Sophia Myles,  Abigail Klein,  Kelsey Grammer,  Jack Reynor
Production: optimum Studio
Releasing Date: 27-june 2014
Budget:250$ Million     

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