Top 10 Hollywood Beautiful Actresses 2014



Top 10 Hollywood Beautiful Actresses 2014

The topic is today is very attractive that who are the biggest beauties of Top 10 Hollywood Beautiful Actresses of  2014,it is might be difficult task to enlist the beautiful actresses because the Hollywood industry is full from the beautiful actresses and as we know that with high competition every year there are new faces who listed on the top .but the list we decide to post here  after the quite  research and ranked them by their lifestyle,Vanity, glamour and beautiful appearance.Now let’s have eye on the list and ranking of the Sizzling actresses.

Top 10 Hollywood Beautiful Actresses:

  1. Penelope Cruze
  2. Ariana Grande
  3. Keira Knightley
  4. Bella Thorne
  5. Kristen Stewart
  6. Salena Gomez
  7. Emma Stone
  8. Katty Perry
  9. Lucy Hale
  10. Mila Kunis

10.Mila Kunis :

Mila Kunis Beautiful eyes 2014

Mila Kunis  is the Beautiful Actresses of Hollywood, born in Ukraine,she is singing artist  also,active from 1994 when she was the age of 18 year.Mila Kunis Got the “People’s Choice Award” nominated as a Favorite Film Actresses,many other awards like Golden Globe,Saturn Award,her Popular films which helps her to get the success and fame are “Black Swan”, “friends with benefit” Latest Release of the Mila Kunis is”OZ The Great And Powerful” beside all this when it comes to beauty,Mila is Attractive and beautiful lady with seductive eyes and killing smile make her fans die-hard.

9.Lucy Hale 

Lucy Hale pretty Photoshoot

Lucy Hale is American girl she fall in  younger Top 10 Hollywood Beautiful Actresses  2014  singing star with beautiful facial features and perfect body.she gave her 1st appearance in media by winning the famous reality show the “American Juniors” Lucy hale found fame through her movie “Pretty little liars” she wins the heart of their fans by her outstanding performance.

8.Katty Peryy 

Katty perry big eyes

Katty perry  is best Hollywood singer she is also known as katy hudson which is her real name before she come to the industry.the most attractive thing which make her noticeable that are her big eyes.

7.Emma Stone 

Emma Stone smile

Emma Stone is American actresses who started her successful carrier in Hollywood  at very younger age she perform her acting magic in many Tv Serial and her debut  is The Wind in the Willows” and work in several other movie like “Easy A” “The Help” “Crazy Stupid Love.

6.Salena Gomez 

Salena Gomez New Look

Once a time when salena gomez known as teenager female singer but now she crossed the age of teen,her magical voice win thousand of hearts and her cute face,beauty and slim smart figure make salena gomez attractive from other celebrities.

5.Kristen Stewart

kristen stewart Glasses
Kristen Stewart who’s Known as Bella, got the fame from her movie “Twilight”, Can  you imagine now she fall in the list of highest paid actresses of Hollywood,ranked at 3rd after the successful business of her movies at Box office.

4.Bella Thorne 

Bella thorne Cute Look
Bella thorne is teenager actress who  is best known for starring on the Disney Channel.As you know the younger is better ,there are many kids fans as well as male friend we make this list by considering male fan falling of actress so she is on number 4.

3.Keira Kightley 

keira knightley wallpaper keira kightley is american actresses who started working in showbiz of Hollywood at very little age and make her debut in 1995 and still active, the movie which make herself famous is “Pride and prejudice” and there is expected for the announce of upcoming movie of keira kighntley.she is ranked at 3rd number in the list of Top 10 Hollywood Beautiful Actresses

2.Ariana Grande :

Ariana Grande redhairs

Arian Grande is not the big name of Hollywood industry. but she is a cutest lady ever  with beautiful facial features,she is just 20   year old ,Ariana Grande is Singer,Song-writer and actress as well.

1.Penelope Cruze 

penelope cruz makeup Beauty

Penelope cruz is the Spanish actress who  is starring in the Tv serial at the age of 16,after that her debut film make penelope more social on media,the best movie of the Penelope cruz is the “Pirate of carribeans.

Hope You will like All Top 10 Hollywood Beautiful Actresses  2014

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