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Thomas Cruise is born on July 3 1962 and is widely known as Tom cruise in entertainment industry.He is an American film actor and producer and was nominated for three Academy Awards and has received three Golden Globe Awards. He is one of the Richest and highest earner and most sought- after performers in cinema screen history.

Tom cruise salary per movie varies in every film according to the scenario. Mr. Cruise was the only son from his siblings who spent his teenage eternally on the move because of his wandering parents. He has also attended fifteen different schools around Canada and USA.

His personal life may be in crises but he has a lot of money in dollars to fill this gap, therefore it may be possible that everyone wants to know about how much Tom Cruise charge fee per movie.

He is the wealthiest actor in Hollywood industry. According to the Forbes reports, he has been highest paid man in Hollywood and earned an amazing amount of $75 million between May 2011 and May 2012.

The great action hero enjoyed a big year with 2011’s Mission Impossible – Ghost Protocol that earned $700 million at the box office worldwide and he has also received handsome income from Oblivion.

His average charges or income per movie is $60 million but he has earned huge money in every installment of Mission Impossible. In his entire career top grossing movie is War of the Worlds and lowest grossing movie is Lions for Lambs.

The latest film was Edge of Tomorrow that did not earn well on the box office and people were disappointed. He has 30% share of ownership of United Artists Film Studio. Tom cruise income per movie & fee charges is continuously adding in his bank account since now. He has received 1st powerful actors. Here is the list of Blockbuster movies in which Mr. Cruise earned very huge salary.

It will give you the idea about how much Tom Cruise gets paid per movie.Rank in the most prominent and premiere magazines for the list of Hollywood.

1-War of the Worlds – 20 % Profit

2-Mission Impossible III – $75000,000 (grossed)

3-Knight and Day – $11000,000 + %

4-Oblivion – $20,000,000

5-Jack Reacher – $7500,000

6-Mission Impossible – Ghost Protocol – $70,000,000

7-Vanilla Sky- 20,000,000 + 30% shared income

8-Mission Impossible – 70,000,000 of gross

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