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Tina and lolo: Sunny Leon who started appearing on Bollywood screen since 2011 with Jism 2, Jackpot, Ragini Mms 2 now become a successful actress of Hindi films many producers offered her for new project some of them she signed movie titled as  Tina and Lolo  these days working on it.Krishma tanna a well-known beauty who was disappeared from the silver screen now  back with something special that you have never seen before.

Tina And Lolo Sunny Leon Karishma Tanna Movie:

Both Beauties  performing in their next flick together for action ,stunt getting a lot of training for Tina And Lolo while film is under production so releasing date not confirmed yet.Devang Dholakia a former actor who had left acting profession now get back in  Hindi movie industry as director ,saying it entertaining film.

Karishma Tanna Fitness :

Karishma Tanna Tini Lolo Fitness

Karishma Tanna was actually unfit had not care her fitness figure.after signing Tino Lola she put a hard effort.In interview she said her flick is Charlie’s Angels  like more she would be seen doing special sacred stunt riding heavy bike ,jumping above  heights, fly in sky, which cause her backage pain and brousis on her body.but she is still determinant & hoping for well.

Word boxing champion Terry Noris Train Sunny leon :

Terry noris famous boxing champion worldwide giving a training to sunny leon who is performing as Tina becoming excited to learn the techniques probably we will watch her doing boxing stunt.

Shooting Schedule :

Tina and Lolo Sunny Leon Krishma Tanna

1st shooting schedule is 15 day longs  which 10 day has been shot in Malaysia other might be shot in kaula lambur.
on internet or on Wikipedia info shows maker of film decided to release it on January 2014 which is wrong it expected that it might be release at the end of 2014 or early 2015 lets see what happened.

if she goes this way her chances become high to stand out longer in Bollywood.
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