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Sharukh Khan New Look Blonde Hairstyle

Sharukh Khan New Look

Sharukh Khan New Look is revealed for his next upcoming movie happy new year,48 years old actor get blond his streak and have new hairstyle which is spotted in the press conference when he was doing talk about his next film which is full of entertainment dose releasing on this Diwali.

Film is under production of Sharukh khan “Red chillies” and directed by Farah Khan,orders  Srk to change his hair.Changing a look for latest flick is now the becoming trend in industry as we have seen that Shahid Kapoor goes bald for upcoming Haider ,
Arjun Rampal also shaved his head hairs for new flick and the most famous competitor of Sharukh khan,
Salman khan also have french  beard for his latest Movie Kick.

He is most Handsome and famous celebrity of the Bollywood industry also known as the Badshah,Doing struggling from very long time with consecutive list of hit Films.Now its a time when there is huge number of fans who like to follow him.
In every movie he had a different hairstyles,he do prefer his update a style to get new look.
one of the top recent movies of SRK with unique Hairstyle,Chennai express actor don’t get hesitate to play with his look specially about hairs.

Sharukh Khan New Look in “Happy New Year Movie”

Sharukh khan Happy New year Hairstyle New Look

Sharukh Khan Happy new year Look

In November Sharukh decide to  spreading happiness to a fans with Happy New Year hair in movie you will catch him with somehow unique style, he is touring for campaign in newzealand with Madhuri Dixit,Honey Singh, He had recently shared his close up of hair on social media on its official profile.

What Fans Review About Sharukh Khan New look :

Some Die Hard fans are the follower of him they just like to copying what he do, it doesn’t  matter.after the close up photos of new hairstyle publishing on social media many of fans not gave a positive response related to that,some of few said that, “looking cheap” it’s not a decent style  make a strange appearance etc.
Tell us  What you think about Sharukh Khan New Look ,looking good or not ?Related Article:

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