Shahid Kapoor Goes Bald For Upcoming Film Haider



Shahid Kapoor Bald look in Haider Upcoming film

Shahid Kapoor is Famous Bollywood Actor who he very passionate with his work from very start,He was well-known for his lovely hairstyles that added more to his personality,but recently he has tweeted photo of his  new look and amaze their fans with unexpected look.

Shahid Kapoor Bald Look For Haider Movie:

Vishal’s  Bhardwaj is director of “SK” new film named as “Haider” and shradda kapoor performing a lead role of female actress in this movie,
when the Director comes to the “SK” with the movie script and ask him that his character need to  shaved his hair, then SK  get confused that it was a very toughest job to shaved his hair and get bald but he take a time to rethink and discuss to his father Pankaj kapoor ,said that he must do it to breath his character,father give his own example that he got bald in his carrier twice
this is what the actor need to show his sincerity with his work,this behavior belong to professionalism
He get convinced after the discussion with father and shaved his hair for shooting
Shahid kapoor take breather for 3 or 4 month to work in other movies while doing shoot for Haider due to different look.

Shahid Kapoor Family Reaction on Bald Look :
Shahid Kapoor New Look in Haider Movie

His Family is the family of actor and all are professional and know everything about acting field ,father mother and sister and brother “Eshaan” they are all supporting Shahid for this decision that they said that one actor have to anything whatever his character demands to put weight on role

Shahid Kapoor And Sharadda Kapoor Together In Haider Movie:

Sharradha kapoor the well-known actress for his superhit love story Ashqui 2 ,is now working  opposite 32-year-old “SK” the movie being  shoot in kashmir 
 Irfan Khan and Tabu is playing also a prominent role in Vishal Bhardwaj”s Haider 
The Story is adapted as the play of William Shakespair and it is set to released on 12 September 2014

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