Reasons Why Your Children Should Take Swimming Lessons



Swimming is an individual or team sport that needs the swimmer to use his entire body for moving through water. The sport is played in a closed enclosure like a swimming pool or in an open environment like a lake or sea.

Swimming is an Olympic sport. It is one of the most popular and famous sports played by millions across the world. It is more or less liked by every person who interested to play a game. Like any other sport, you need to learn swimming before entering a pool or any other place for swimming. It is very risky and dangerous for your life to enter the water without learning to swimhub.

Swimming is a great game to keep you fit and healthy. It can be played at any age and has many physical and mental health benefits associated with this sport. It is a fantastic activity to burn calories and keep you joints well lubricated and builds muscle and strength. It increases stamina and has more health benefits than running or a jogging activity.

Swimming for Recreation

Swimming can be done by people of all ages and gives great joy to participate as a recreational activity.  This is a low impact sport and is great way to enjoy and relax with your friends and family. Commonly used styles for recreation are breaststroke, backstroke, side stroke, and freestyle.

Swimming for health

Swimming has no contact with land so there is less injury scare because of impact. It is a great exercise for your entire body. It has many health benefits because

·         Increases your heart beat and removes impact stress from tour body

·         Increases muscle strength and cardiovascular fitness

·         Keeps a healthy body weight

·         Provides exercise to the entire body

Swimming as a Sports activity

Swimming is played in all of the major sporting events and has a great fan following. There are various styles of swimming like freestyle, butterfly, breast stroke, and backstroke. In competitions it is played as an individual and a team event.

In competitions, apart from the above mentioned styles, there is another event called as medley. Here in an individual event, a swimmer should do all the four strokes on a stretch and in group event there will be four swimmers in a team, were each swimmer will swim a different stroke for one length. There are very strict regulations from dress code to the method of swimming and accessories to be worn. It is very rare for swimmer to get injured but their numerous health benefits for a swimmer.

Why children should learn swimming?

Children should be introduced to swimming at a very early age. It is easy to learn swimming when you are young. Swimming has numerous benefits for children as it

·         Improves coordination, balance, and posture.

·         Improves flexibility.

·         Good for health as it improves total body fitness.

·         Can participate in world level competitions for fame.

Swimming can be done wherever you find water but it is always better to swim in a safe environment.

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