Questions To Ask Before Hiring A Maid Service


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First of all, it is but an undeniable fact that we all are living quite busy lives. We have jobs to go to so that we can pay off our home bills and then some of us have kids to take care of. Now during all this hustle and bustle, it becomes really difficult to take some time out for cleaning the house and devote that time all and all to the cleaning process. Not only this, in fact, sometimes we do have the time but we don’t have enough skills and proper training that is required for “Actually” cleaning the house.

Long story short, if you are thinking about hiring a maid service then know that yes, you are taking one wise step and this will benefits you in the long term. But before we move towards the benefits part, let’s talk a bit about hiring the right maid service because that is something quite imperative. You see, all of this hiring process can be very intimidating because there are just so many options out there to choose from.

As far as our suggestions are concerned, well, we’d suggest you opt for an agency like the Jeff Maid Agency. They offer high-quality services that too at extremely reasonable rates. So, yes, if you do live in the area they cover then opt for this agency and you will love it for sure. However, if you are searching for more options then here are some questions you are supposed to ask a maid service before hiring them.

1-How much are they paying their cleaners

The one thing that says a lot about an agency is the amount they pay to their employees and how they treat them. Now, we know you don’t find yourself relevant to this question anywhere but honestly, this is a must to ask for you. A company that pays its employees well is obviously providing good enough services to earn that much money in the first place. It’s all about connecting the dots!

2-Liability insurance  

You need to ask the maid agency whether they provide liability insurance to their employees or not. You see, you don’t want to end up paying huge bills for an accident that occurs within your house. So, make sure that the company/agency you are about to hire has a liability insurance.


Of course, this should be the first thing that you are supposed to ask the maid agency. Experience says a lot about a company and you need to make sure that you are hiring someone who has been in this business for at least 2 to 3 years. Hiring a newbie won’t be a good step as you don’t know whether the agency and its employees are trained enough to clean your house properly.

4-What do they charge?

We know we don’t have to tell you this one because chances are that you’ve already asked the agency what they charge for the services they provide. Well, in this case, just be careful and only hire someone who is providing top notch services if he is charging you more. Also, know that hiring a maid service isn’t something that is supposed to force you to break a bank, in fact, there are reasonable service providers too out there. So, opt for a reasonable maid agency and get the services that you need.

These are some of the main questions you need to ask before hiring a maid service. So, make sure to ask all of these mentioned questions and don’t hire anyone in rush. Take your time, make your research and then make a final decision.

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