The Top 10 Promotional Gifts to Use in Winter



The season of hot chocolate and sweater is here. People lover winter for various reasons. Some love to snuggle in bed during the holidays and to watch movies. On the other hand, people desperately wait for white Christmas.

To be more precise, winter is one of the seasons that is favored by almost everyone. However, when it comes to promotional gifts, especially in winter, it gets a bit confusing.

You can visit to find some top-notch gift ideas. Moreover, this blog also covers promotional gifts items that you can consider in winter.

Tea or Coffee

It is impossible to begin a cold without consuming something warm. In this case, tea or coffee sounds perfect. You can choose either coffee or tea according to the preference of the receiver.

Moreover, you can opt for different flavors of tea or coffees so that your client will have something new to drink every morning. Not only in the morning, but a hot drink goes well in the evening as well. So, make sure to wrap sufficient packets that last for a week or two.

Travel Mug

Choosing travel mug is ideal as you never know when the receiver makes a traveling plan. Also, these travel mugs come in handy when your client prefers to drink coffee on their way to work. Take note that these mugs have the potential to keep your drink warm for a long time. So, it is the best gift in winter.


Gift items like scarf make your brand stand out among others. When the receiver gets a high-quality scarf, he is likely to feel valued. Moreover, a scarf is needed on a cold day too. So, it is surely a perfect gift. You can find several scarves with different designs and comfortable fabric that are ideal to brighten up your clients winter.


Who doesn’t want to feel cozy on a cold evening? If you want your client to receive something durable and comfortable at the same time, you can opt for a blanket. There are different sized blankets available on the market. So, you can choose a soft one that provides cozy vibes every time your client will use it.

Ice Scraper

To deal with the frosty weather, nothing is as useful as an ice scraper. If your business has an automobile theme, it will blend in well perfectly. It may look a common item but it is no doubt a functional one. Moreover, you can add it as one of the items in your goodie bag as well.


You can never go wrong with a clothing item, especially in winter. So, feel free to choose either a jacket or sweater for your clients. Not only these items add cozy vibes but jackets and sweater are long-lasting gifts too. And, your client is likely to wear them for the next few winters. You can choose trendy jackets as well to add some style to your clients’ wardrobe.

Winter Hat

Hats are a necessity during winter. This is because they keep you warm and add style to your everyday look. Therefore, opting for a winter hat as a gift can be a decent option. You can even wrap one or more hats with different colors and styles to brighten up the receivers day.

Logo Bugs

It might sound bizarre but you can opt for logo bugs as a gift item. You can find plenty of logo bugs with winter themes that work well as the decorative item. Moreover, if you do not want to send only logo bugs, you can add them in a packet of goodies too.

Chocolates or Cookies

Winter evening is all about cookies and hot chocolate. So, why not send cookies as a gift? Your client will love to receive a pack full of delicious cookies that they can enjoy throughout the season. Plus, nuts or fruits covered in chocolate is also a great way to surprise your clients so you can think about it as well.


Perfect for a chilly day, gloves cannot only keep your hands warm but they complete your winter look too. You can add different colored gloves in the goodie bag to impress your client.

Bottom Line
If you think promoting your brand in the winter is tricky, you can consider the aforementioned items with the logo of your brand.

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