How Much Priyanka Chopra Charge per Movie Fee | Salary, income



Priyanka Chopra per movie fee

Priyanka chopra a famous actress of Bollywood trending these days over the hearts of Indian people she start career in 2002 with debut Tamil film Thamizan for which she paid very low but she continuously work hard & make herself worthy among her fans.

Her charm increasing day by day on the basis of this interest so many people want to know how much Priyanka chopra charge per movie fee & what her Net-worth ,salary income so we gonna share some summarized information about her overall career & income that she earn in her 16 year career of actress especially per film rates or fee how gradually got a huge spikes.

Initial Stage :

in start for her debut film she only cost 50 lac for Thamizhan a Tamil release,after that Priyanka step up to Bollywood by performing in the movie titled as “The Hero” remain flop then she worked with famous actor Akshay kumar in Andaz & Aitraaz on the other side miss India award raised her worth in Bollywood so she gonna charge up to 1-crore for a film & for a long time she get paid same amount.

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When 2010 start she put a hard effort for her acting career and gave many super-hit movie consistently & win the hearts of fans.such as her performance in “Don 2, Dostana , Fashion , kaminey” was splendid moreover these movies earn reasonable income on box office.


Krish 3 which is sequel to “krish” a Bollywood most loved film. she played a lead role & perform very well remain blockbuster on box office.She charge 3-cr for krish 3.

2014: Gunday released on valentines day starring Arjun Kapoor & Ranveer Singh opposite Priyanka, Earn up to 80 cr overall gross for which Priyanka charge 2.5-cr

Now She is working for another releases titled as “Marry Kom”  make on the life of boxing champion lady ,poster has been out on media while its trailer will be released to the next month in August 2014 , Priyanka charged 4 core for Marry Kom which is higher than all other releases.

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Priyanka Chopra per movie fee charges

  • Don 2  : 2 cr
  • Dostana: 1.5 cr
  • Fashion : 1.5 cr
  • Kaminey: 1 crore
  • Krish 3 : 3crore
  • Gunday : 2.5 crore
  • Marry Kom : 4crore

For Endorsement she get paid : 80 lac to 1 crore

Salary varies on the business of film that how well it perform on box office if worked well then actress get more advertisement projects by which they can raise their salary.

Due to her music career her worth increased rapidly else she got many music awards as in international level but currently Priyanka chopra charge per movie fee 4 crore hence in 2015 it could be high if  “Marry Kom would get positive response on box office.

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