All You Need to Know About Prison School Season 2 and How to Watch It



Conceptualized by Akira Hiramoto, Prison School is a Japanese manga series. Fans watched 1st season of Prison School a few years ago. This 12 episode-anime series left fans wanting for more. People appreciate Prison School Season 2 just like season 1. The story is fun and gets exciting as it continues. This blog features everything you need to know about Prison School Season 2.

Prison School Story

Prison School Season 2

Prison School is a story of a prestigious Japanese school which is also a girls boarding school called Hachimitsu Private Academy. This school is known for its strict discipline and superior education. Take note that this is a girls boarding school. This factor and other rules were reconsidered and allowed boys to enroll in the school.

Moreover, five boys were selected for the first semester. And, things turn interesting as boys ratio was quite less as compared to the girls. Boys being boys tried their best to get along with the girls. But, their every attempt whether big or small wasted because of strict Underground Student Council (USC).

However, this story takes a major shift when the boys committed a crime and tried to enter girls bathing area. This step led them to internal imprisonment in the school’s block that is designated to prisoners. This step was taken when the USC sent an ultimatum to boys to finish imprisonment or they will be expelled. Fans have found this piece of art interesting.

Not only this, but people also like the art of comical story. You will find a hint of obscenity and vulgarity in the Prison School Season 2 but its the storyline that has stolen the show. The main character along with others display praise-worthy wisdom when they were trying to escape the prison cell.

Apart from this, the friendship among the boys is highly appreciated by the audience. This factor also makes this story thrilling and a fun season. The director, on the other hand, is a genius. He exactly knows which dialogue will fit in which scene.

Brief Character Information

Kiyoshi Fujino

The main character of the season, presented by Taishi Nakagawa falls for a girl – Chiyo. Although he is not an intelligent boy, he knows how to get out of the trouble. He is known for his quick thinking. Moreover, Kiyoshi lands in hot waters more than other boys. So, Hana sees and targets him in the prison more often.

Takehito Morokuzu

Gakuto is a nickname of Takehito who is crazy and speaks an old-fashioned language. You may find him a pervert. But, he is a strategist as well. Gakuto is one of the popular characters in the series. This is because of his willingness to do everything for his friends.

His strategic skills were revealed when he used tactics of the general of the ‘three kingdom’ or generals from any ancient battles. He opted for such strategies because they proved to be successful previously as well.

He is one of the important characters that support the storyline. Plus, he has a love interest too. Her name is Mitsuko.

Shingo Wakamoto

Known as a pessimist, he has blonde hair and looks unusual most of the time. He has attended the middle school with Kiyoshi. Like Gakuto, Shingo also has a someone special in his heart. Her name is Anzu.

Joji Nezu

Also known as Joe, he has a deep interest in art but cannot opt for it because of health issues. In the Prison School Season 2, he is suffering from severe stomatitis. This is why he might be considered a misfit. He went to middle school with Gakuto. Plus, he has special feelings for a girl – Sato.

Reiji Ando

His nickname is Andre. Reiji Ando is a fat boy in the group who cares for his group. Despite that, he loves to see others in pain. The fun part that is associated with this character is that Andre loves Meiko. He is incredibly fond of her that sometimes he craves punishment from her.

Underground Student Council Characters

Hirona Yamazaki who played the character of Mari Kurihara – is the president of underground student council. She is the academy’s chairman daughter who is cold and manipulating in nature. Her major concern is to maintain law and order in the school by following traditions.

She never appreciated the decision of the upper management and disliked the boys. This decision was taken by her father who is known as a pervert. Beneath her tough exterior, there is a girl with a soft heart.

This attribute revealed when she supported to Meiko when she was bullied by Kate. She helped her and encouraged her to stay strong. She follows philosophy. Plus, Chiyo is her sister.

Meiko Shiraki

Presented by Asana Mamoru, Meiko is tall and wears spectacles. Being a vice president of underground student council, she supervised boys when they were sent to the prison. Fellow girls at the school used to bully her for her appearance. However, Mari came and rescue her. This became a life-changing experience for her. Not only she dealt with the bullies but she turns into the strongest girl and Judo pro. Moreover, she serves as a disciplinarian and punishes the boy. Therefore, Gakuto often becomes the target in this case.

Hana Midorikawa

This character was played by Aoi Morikawa. Hana is a secretary of the underground student council. She often has to deal with Kiyoshi in the worst situation. And, these encounters later turn into something unpredictable.

She has astounding martial arts skills which she uses when hardcore punishes are needed for the boys. Hana and her martial arts skills are also required when Meiko and her strict disciplinary rules do not work. Although she appears composed and calm outside, she is like a child inside.

How to Watch Prison School Season 2

You can go to different websites for prison school season 2 episodes watch online. You can go to to watch whether season 1 or 2. On the other hand, is also a user-friendly website to watch Prison School Season 2. Many people love to watch Prison School on Just type the season and episode, grab some popcorns to enjoy your time.

Bottom Line

Prison school is a fun series. You can use different websites to stream this comical series.

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