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Pizza movie 2014 box office collection

Latest Bollywood Horror flick pizza which is a remake of Tamil film with the same name released on 18 July starring Akshay Oberoi & Depanithi Sharma Both are debut-ant actors Pizza movie Collect very low revenue on its first day that will negativity effect its overall box office collection &  makers of it also getting scared by failure.

Pizza Movie Hit or Flop Reviews

Mostly we have seen Horror movies of Bollywood get flopped there are many reason behind it but it is fact as you focus on past  Hindi horror releases then few of them had a successful business otherwise all collect average income.

Why Pizza Movie Flop 

The Major cause of low earning or low public response is b-class stars that has producer casted. Making hit horror needs a famous actors & damn scary scenes with strong story line which seems to be true so even mature would also take a interest in it.

For Example : Bhoothnath Returns had a Popular cast , posses many other qualities we have discuss above , then put an eye on Ragni MMS 2 of sunny Leon. why Ekta kapoor remain super-hit? because  she promote well more over choose a famous female actress whose demand is high in India ,

But here is nothing like that this is already happened with others  2014 Horror movies “Gang of Ghost” ,Dar @ Mall” so i think producer’s should have to learn from them.

Critics  Reviews :
Moviegoers are not so happy after watching it they dis hearts some says they just waste their money & time hence dull mouth words become a hindrance on it success it easy to predict overall earning of film by seeing its opening ,which is  quite low therefore it gonna be Flop

Pizza Movie Box Office Collection 2014:

Hate Story 2 wash out Amit Sahni Ki List & Pizza movie which is proved to be primary reason of its Shockingly low box office collection.

Opening Day : 75-lac
2nd day  :  1-cr
3rd day : 80-Lac

Overall total would hardly touch to gross of 17 core

What your Opinion about pizza movie Box Office Collection ?

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