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new summer lawn


Summer season has come.According to season the dressing has also changed. the change season impact the dressing most.Especially in girls dressing.we just talking about pakistani girls who likes simple and stylish dresses in Summer.

Today’s we face very hot days and in these days the best wear is lawn.According to people’s need fashion designers introduced various new lawn collection for summer.Usually people like  branded costume because these are reliable and long lasting than local wear.

Pakistani clothing brand is become popular day by day. Incumbent youth is brand conscious and want best thing doesn’t matter what’s the season. Every one have different taste some girls like the dresses of Maria.b and a few wants   Nishat’s collection and other want other brands .

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So today i have  prepare a comprehensive post in this post you can easily get the brand names and their costumes  which you never listen before and today i will tell you about different Famous stylish clothing brands which all works on international level.These all are following.

  1. Monsoon
  2. Leisure Club
  3. Chenone
  4. feeha jamshed
  5. Zahra Ahmed
  6. Bonanza
  7. Al Karam
  8. Khaadi
  9. Umar Sayeed
  10. Tabassum Mughal
  11. Nomi Ansari
  12. Maria B.
  13. Sania Maskatiya
  14. Nishat
  15. Lajwanti
  16. Zainab Sajid
  17. Bunto Kazmi
  18. Kayseria
  19. Nida Azwer
  20. zaheer abbas
  21. Shariq Textiles
  22. Asim Jofa
  23. Ammar Belal
  24. Firdous
  25. Bareeze
  26. Satya Paul
  27. Junaid Jamshed
  28. lala textile
  29. natasha couture
  30.  Hassan Sheheryar Yasin
  31. Sana Safinaz
  32. Gul Ahmed
  33. Deepak Perwani
  34. Nilofer Shahid

i will show you some  famous brands  dresses like Maria B , junaid jamshed and firdos .Eid is coming and all designers want to do well effort to introduced their new clothes and wants to left behind other designers. lets see what’s new we will get on Eid.

Junaid Jamshed Clothing Brand:

new stylish lawn 2014 junaid jamshed

Junaid jamshed is well known clothing brand. Junaid is  famous person in the field of fashion. He works on girls clothing as well as boys. in this pic i show you a few new dresses according to present fashion.

  1. in first pic simple and decent dress is appear which is designed for casual use in summer season.
  2. in second pic frock style is looking cool in yellow color.yellow color is mostly used in summer season. because people like light color to wear.
  3. in last pic angrakha style is looking awesome in contract of sky and orange .Angrakha is  latest style which is mostly on boutique dresses as well as lawn.

Maria B Dresses On Eid:bright colors summer dresses

Maria B is well known personality in fashion industry and she works on international level.she designed every cloth in beautiful manners  and teenage girls mostly like her style.

  1. In first pic a beautiful model appear in long shirt with tights.The contract of white ,blue ,red and yellow is looking fabulous.These all are summer colors.i think the  fashion of long shirts are long lasting.because Muslim girls easily adopt this trend and like it very much.
  2. In second pic Pakistani Model juggan kazmi is looking gorgeous in green dress.This style of dress is totally for youth girls these kind of Shirts are mostly liked  by teenagers.Green is cool color and use in summer season.
  3. In third picture a funky look is appear and  bright color puts impact very cool. Actually this style is for wedding and for special occasion.

On this Eid Maria B introduced a few latest wear for baby girls.she is not only work for adolescents as  well as the children.

Firdos Collection For Summer and Upcoming Eid:

pakistani clothes collection

Firdos is  famous brand which introduced new trend of 2014. Firdous Lawn again put its fabulous on board and remind the public that Firdous is one of the best lawn player in industry.

  1. In First, lawn collection is appear in zinc color this style is latest of 2014.
  2. Beautiful model in pink dress is looking gorgeous and cute.this latest design which introduced by Firdos lawn collection.
  3. In Third jacket style is look fabulous in orange color.
  4. In last of all  multi colored  costume is credible .Firdos prepare every design in actual perfect.

i hope you like all new trendy dresses. You must enjoy and take up these current fashion on Eid.

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