Malika Sherawat Get Robed By 3 Unknown Criminals In Paris



Malika Sherawat is settled in Paris with Her Husband Cyrille Auxenfans,They had incident last Night while actress was  at her apartment suddenly 3 masked criminals come to house knock the door, She open the door then they teared a gas and beat them & stole all their cash,jewelry and important things, after all they ran away.

Malika Sherawat Robbed

Malika Sherawat Robbed

As we All know that before few days ago Kim Kardashian also botched robbed in Paris same incident happened again after 6 week passed. Victim Malika Sherawat Complain the authorities to take action about this criminal act.

France Police Started Investing on immediate basis they assure the couple,  they will  arrest them as soon as possible.

Now 40 Year old  Malika Sherawat Who is Sex symbol for Indians famed through Showbiz Industries had worked more than 20 movies also performed in us TV shows and married to France Businessman, Get Back their homeland safely.

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