Long Hair Updos | How To Make In 5 Minutes Tutorials – Method



wedding hairstyles for long hairs updo

Long Hair updos is very popular now a days actually.real and natural beauty of every girl.long hairs increase our beauty. Because after face look  hairs is the main part which prominent our personality. The secret is that if you want to judge the personality of anyone you just focus on his style.

if someone produce simple style it shows  Gullibility of person and  if he made Emo and funky look then it show the Hotheaded. Today we  discuss about the styling that how we can learn easy and best method of Long Hair Updos ?

Braided Long  Hairs Updos Method

With the Help Of this  photo i will tell you how we can make a perfect updos .i am a beautician and i deal many customers every day every one has its own choice but fortunately i always satisfied them.Braided styling is mostly liked by teenagers. okay lets start.

Easy Curly Hair Updos Step

  1. Combing in all the hairs.
  2. Take some section form right side and made braids then going to another side and prepare  braids at the start of the left.
  3.  Take both corner braids and fold them separately  up toward.
  4. Take the lower  hairs , twist them  and prepare  a twisted updos.
  5. Open folding  Braids of right  position  and covered the twisted updos form left  side.
  6. Similarly open the folding braids to left side and covered updos form right Position  and attach with pins
  7. Don’t forget to applying spray In the end .

Perfect and Beautiful Braided hairstyle is Ready…..

Make Long Hair Updos In Just 5 Minutes

Today i am teach you the easy and time saving method of Styling in every type of hairs especially long hairs .I just post it for the benefit of the busy women. They have no time to make hairstyles due to shortage of time Especially those women who work in Banks,offices and Schools. These are three main organization where the punctuality of time is must. They also wanted to be looking beautiful but they cant Do anything due to limited time.

Now..!! Don’t Worry i  tell you the best and easy way and  you can produce hairstyle in 5 mints .Focus on these given points and you will definitely get two benefit. it helps you to save your time as well as you looking Beautiful in 5 mints.Lets See…

simple wedding updo tutorial long straight wavy hair extensions

  1. Combing in all the Hairs.
  2. Take A thick layer and twist it gently .
  3. When Layer totally twisted at the end of length.Take a thin Layer  From the treated Area and outstretch the other hairs up toward.
  4. DO with this step with all the layer and Pinup them with pins.
  5. Now take Side flick and  also Twist it lightly  and attach to the pins. Remember…!!  When you will Applying spray your effort will never waste. it  helps you to maintain your updo..

I told you best and perfect way of making Long Hair Updos. I Hope you will try it..

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