Log Horizon Season 3 – Watch Online – Detailed Review 2019



Log Horizon fans already know that it features different light novels. These novels are based on Japanese MMORPG players. Take note that these players made their way to the real MMORPG setting in mysterious circumstances.

Although it is a product of fantasy, Log Horizon stands out. Written by Daisuke Umezu a.k.a Mamare Touno and illustrated by Kazuhiro Hara, Log Horizon got rapid popularity in Japan and as well as North America.

After watching the first two seasons, the fans are eagerly waiting for Log Horizon Season 3. This blog shares everything you need to know about it.

Log Horizon Story

Log Horizon Season 3

This astounding story is based on a character called Shiroe who is also an avid video gamer. Shiroe is shown a socially-awkward individual which excites fans as many can relate to this character. You can see two more characters in it such as Akatsuki and Naotsugu. Shiroe is their friend and together they play a famous MMORPG game called Elder Tale.

Many people have already played this game too. Then, comes an exciting plot twist. It occurs when around 30,000 players mistakenly transported to this virtual game world who were playing the game at the moment. Take note that this incident occurs on the occasion of 12th expansion of the game after its massive and global success.

This is where the true adventure begins and leave fans awestruck. People who have transported to the virtual game world have no way to escape. In this case, the socially-awkward Shiroe takes the responsibility and tries to look for ways in the chaos.

So, he takes the first step to help people that are stuck in the virtual game and decides to ignore his social anxiety for a good cause. The plot is thrilling and makes it difficult to wait for Log Horizon Season 3.

Brief Character Information


As mentioned earlier, Shiroe is the main character of the series and also a player of Elder Tale. On the other hand, his real name is Kei Shirogane and is a 23 years old engineer. In the MMORPG game, Elder Tale, he represents Enchanter Class. Take note that this class is support class which is unpopular too. In the series, Shiroe born again at the Cathedral and makes a connection between Roundhouse Code and Log Horizon.


Shiroe’s friend and one of the series protagonists, Naotsugu is a 25 years old individual. He shares the same name in the real world and believes that men are perverts. Not only this, he calls himself an open pervert too. This character has a laid back attitude and a decent personality. The fun part is when he thoroughly enjoy his journey in the virtual world and has no desire of going back to the real world.


A human assassin tracker, Akatsuki also joins Shiroe and Naotsugu. This character is quite interesting as in the real world, Akatsuki was a girl college student and her name was Shizuka Hanekura. In the beginning, Akatsuki was seen as a tall male assassin having purple hair and eyes. Later, with the help of Shiroe, she opted for reset potion for appearance and change gender and size.

Why Log Horizon is Unique?

In Anime, the main protagonists are stuck in a different world. You can find many series similar to Log Horizon. What sets this series apart is its unique strategy to use and to deal with the virtual world. Fan love the concept of trapped into a video game factor as well.

The main protagonist is an introvert and socially-awkward person in the real world who transported to the virtual world along with other a huge number of people where they need to fight to survive.

This is why there are certain interesting aspects like how to save people and survive? How a person can protect himself in a chaotic place? How to reach home or the real world again? How to take steps for the problems that you have never seen before?

Apart from this, Log Horizon highlights economic, political, and relationships between the people. This part makes you care for different characters as well. Not only serious side but it features some comic parts too to develop viewers interest. Unlike other Animes, Log Horizon brings different classes together so that they fight for a good cause.

How to Watch Log Horizon?

After knowing a story, plot, and characters of the series, you may want to see it. You can go to Google and search for Log Horizon Watch Online. Each episode of season one and two are available online. So, you can start immediately if you have not to watch it.

Moreover, websites like animelab.com are one of the best ways to enjoy it online. This website is user-friendly. All you need to do is enter your email to know whether the seasons are available for your country or not. You can also try sharetv.com to binge watch Log Horizon.

On this website, you can find a list of different episodes which is convenient if you want to rewatch them. Many fans love to watch Log Horizon on crunchyroll.com. Simply type the season and episode you want to watch on the search bar and you are good to go.

Bottom Line

Log Horizon seems a fun series that showcases characters of real-world transported to the virtual video game. There is no question fans from regions liked and appreciated the concept. After the first two successful seasons, people cannot wait to see the third season which was promised long ago. First, two seasons were released in 25 episodes each. Now, fans are hoping high for Log Horizon Season 3.

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