Latest Makeup Look in 2014



Models look

Latest  Makeup Look in 2014 getting more advance gradually. Mostly artist introduced the latest fashion on ramp for People.Some fashions are acceptable and some are not. models are so prominent for  their eyes, hairs makeover ,they are  always apply different and unique. Eyes are suitable as  strong and dark color that makes eyes seductive and add more to your personality.Above given image is about eyes  makeup which beautified your eyes shape  and  definitely will give you fancy look.

In Models makeup smokey eyes are so famous plus latest too. Now its smokey makeup is also used for brides . eyes makeup looks heavy on the other side lipstick is light. On lips light lipstick is used mostly.

Latest Look of Models

Simple Models MakeUp

Makeup is a part of beauty.Without it girls beauty is’s not only for girls  boys are interested too, which enhance the beauty .Today we discuss about makeup and the passion of people about have many types many kinds of it  are introduced day by day in fashion market

Fashion industry is so big  and also increasing day by day.Makeup Art Developed in some years.Makeup is a miracle art of technician.Technicians are  used in very art. Today’s it  is so valuable and raising very frequently.beauticians have the art to make ugly face, to beautiful with the help of makeup.Most of Celebrities whose are not good looking  they do it and become better appearance . it will  change the  your whole  personality.

Baby Pink makeup girls

Elegant Latest makeup Look 2014:

Means something attractive ,awesome and adorable.mostly people love to be a simple,light and natural foreign countries also people mostly prefer to goes natural and I also like this bright shades. In above  picture the soft baby makeup have shared for lipstick is used to give a natural look .

in pink eyes makeup we use light high light colors which makes more beautiful to our appearance.With dark eyes mostly used light lipstick and when eyes are light then lipstick color is dark.With white gown pink or red color lipstick will look fabulous.

Pakistani Makeup Look

Bridal Makeup for 2014

Latest Wedding Makeup look In 2014:

is one of the best day in life of every girl.especially for girls this day is very important and memorable .Some girls who want to be a simple and like to be a natural and ovoid the use of cosmetics. but this day they also try to choose the best beautation,wanted to be looking perfect because every one noticed the bride most bridal makeup should be best.She Should be looking attractive and this pic bride is looking attractive.She do light makeup look according to the today’s fashion

Bridal Fashion Makeup latest

Make up Bride

Some people don’t  overuse  and think that our face become the victim of any facial diseases  like pimples.its true but when we cleansing after that we would  not be remain  victim of pimples.the demand of bridal makeover is so high now a days So that’s why, it should be perfect  best and latest.

simple yet elegant makeup look

Elegant makeup look

In 2014 makeup increase and above makeup art is develop, that shows new look of every one.model,celebrities and every one focus on art.because after the dress our face is prominent part of body .that’s why the  face should be best which attract the most to every one.girls are the beautiful creation of God when they apply the makeover they looks more elegant and cool.

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