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Kissanime is the name every anime lover would know and even if you don’t watch anime you must have heard about it at least once in a while. How else you would be here if you hadn’t? If you are still not sure what Kissanime is all about or you want to know all about it then you are at the right place. Let us cover everything that you need to know about kissanime here in this article.

Real Kissanime Websites – All Animes Available


Anime is a huge source of entertainment these days with millions of viewers it is one of the most watched and liked genres. There is not one but many different categories of anime cartoons, series, comics, books and movies available on the internet. With millions of active viewers of different age groups anime is one of the most watched genres on internet. While there are many websites and platforms available for anime movies and series, Kissanime is one of the most popular websites for anime. Kissanime is the hub of anime series, cartoons, stories, book, movies and comics and whatnot. The biggest attraction for its users is that they can watch it all for free. Yes, unlike other websites that require its users to pay a monthly subscription or pay for each episode, Kissanime users can watch and download all the series, comics, movies and books for free. From anyone who has grown up watching animated series and still loves to watch them, to anyone who has started falling in love with animated stories, series, cartoons and movies, nothing can be more exciting than having it all on one platform and all that without even paying a single penny.

There is a huge population that eat and sleep while watching anime but it can be very time consuming and difficult for audience that do not understand the language that their favorite anime characters speak. English dubbed and subbed anime is like a dream come true for many anime lovers. One reason for Kissanime being so popular among its user is that they can easily watch and download English dubbed and subbed anime for free and very little effort. Another reason to love Kissanime is because it provides all those content in various video qualities from 240p to 1080p. The users can choose from different genres which includes adventure, action, comedy, drama, fantasy and a lot more.

Kissanime has almost all types of anime series and movies available on its platform. You can search your favorite one from the search box given at the top of its website. The website makes sure that it has the latest content available that is why it keeps updating after every 5 or 10 minutes. Its one of the easiest and user-friendly anime websites where users can easily search for their favorite anime from different categories of series and movies and they can watch or download it within a go. Kissanime is mobile friendly website which means that its users can access it with their mobile phones and enjoy the anime entertainment on their mobiles. There are mobile Kissanime apps available on the internet but the website claims that it has no official kissanime app yet.


While Kissanime enjoys being the favorite website among anime lovers, it also faces criticism over its free content providing. It is clear that It is not a legal website, which means that the content it provides does not come from the official sources. Even tough the content on Kissanime is not legal, you can still watch it for as long as you like since the liability for illegal content falls on the streamers and not on the ones who watch content on those streaming websites. Streaming illegal content on the website is not a crime for viewers but downloading it may be unlawful depending on your country.


It is absolutely free to watch and download anything on the websites, the users still have to bear the ads that pop on screen while watching their favorite episodes. Some users have criticized the website for recurring ad pop-ups and the websites requirement of disabling the ad blockers. With so many users and content on the website, there have been claims about the site being harmful and not safe for users. However, the regular users find it virus free and without any malware. Similar websites like kissanime have mirrored the website and most of these are not safe to use and are full of hackers and spammers. It is always recommended to be aware of malicious ads or pop ups on the website as they might contain viruses and malware that may be harmful for your system. It is best to use the original website to save yourself from the hackers.


Apart from the movies and series there is a lot more that Kissanime offers. Manga is category of Japanese comics and graphic books that is mostly for adult audience but also for children as well. Manga is so popular that it has its own huge following. Some of the most popular manga comics include oishinbo, Naruto and boku. Almost all of manga comics are available for free for its users on kissanime. Manga has its own different category of comics from romance to comedy to adventure etc. It is also a common platform for anime book lovers, they can read from a vast range of books for free of cost. The books section like the others also covers different categories like romance, science fiction and fantasy. Every category of website gets updated daily with the latest additions for their anime loving users.


Since anyone can watch any anime series or movies on the website many people choose not to make an account on kissanime and stream videos directly from their pcs or mobile phones. While you can watch almost every anime related content on the website, you can only download it if you have created an id on the website. There are other benefits also if you create an account on the website. You can manage your favorite series and create a separate list for series that you would want to watch later. Apart from that you will be notified when your favorite series gets updated and interact with other anime freaks on the platform. You can also share content with your friends after you sign in on the website.


Downloading anime from the website is also very convenient unlike other websites that require you to follow through numerous links and you end up downloading irrelevant stuff. On kissanime you can simply click on your favorite episode and it will redirect you to the streaming page and on the bottom of that page you can find download links. You can save that on your desired file folder with the desired video quality. It’s the simple process and user-friendly interface that has made kissanime number one choice for its viewers.


If you thought that only children or adult child look at anime then you can never be more wrong. Anime contains all kind of categories and stories including romance, comedy, fantasy and sci-fi. Its not just limited to one category. There is a reason why so many are hooked with kissanime and that has caused many fake websites to copy the content of kissanime. Many similar websites like kissanime regularly target the naïve anime lovers, these fake websites are mirrored copy of kissanime which are mostly full of spams and hackers waiting for a chance to infiltrate into the user’s system and steal valuable information. So, the users should be aware of such fake copies and save their systems from malware and viruses.


While kissanime is known for its user-friendly interface and easy to access website from different gadgets, it still does not have its official mobile application. However kissanime does have a separate tab for mobile users so that they can use the website and watch and download content on their cell phones.  There are many apps that claim to be the official kissanime app but they are not. Anyme is one app that is not the official kissanime app but still provides access to the features of kissanime and it is very popular among anime lovers. Anyme is considered as the best alternative to all the fake kissanime apps that are flooded over the internet. It allows users to watch and download everything from the website.


There are many popular anime series on kissanime. The website gets updated daily with the latest anime series and movies. It also has a separate tab for the most poplar anime for its viewers. The top 3 anime on the website include One Piece which is a manga series about a pirate king and the most coveted treasure “one piece” and a 17-year old’s expedition to find it. It is one of the most watched and liked series of all time. More than 800 episodes of one piece have been released so far which is enough to realize how popular this show must be.

Boruto: Naruto Next Generations is the second most popular series on kissanime which is a sequel of the popular Naruto manga series. This one is yet another favorite manga series which covers the life and adventures of Boruto Uzumaki who is Naruto Uzumaki’s son.

My Hero Academia 3:

This popular series is about the Izuku Midoriya a boy with no super powers in a world where everyone has some super power. The whole series covers the mission of Izuku Midoriya to achieve his dreams without any unique special power.

Alternate websites to Kissanime

Kissanime remains the favorite website for anime but there have been instances when the website was taken down multiple times and users had to wait to watch their favorite anime series. While the website is there you can watch all the anime you can want but just in case the website vanishes again, we have few alternative websites for you to fulfill your anime cravings. Here is the list of those websites


Similar to kissanime, animefreak is one of the most poplar website for anime lovers. With thousands of anime on its platform it provides the viewers with latest series as they are released.

If you are looking for some quick access to quality anime then this is the perfect website for you, it only requires its users to have the latest version of flash player. Vast categories of anime is available on this website and it also does not require any sign in to watch anime.


There are over 25000 anime available on the website and above that you can request for your favorite anime that is not available on the website. You can watch HD anime from the collection of thousands. This is also one of the most popular alternatives to kissanime.


Animeseason is known for its easy interface and user-friendly interface. You can run it even if you are using older media devices. In comparison with other platform animeseason shows minimal advertisement. The viewers can easily find their favorite anime from the categories, it displays most viewed, most popular and most played anime on its homepage which makes it easier for user to select the desired anime season.


Anime lovers should not ignore this website when it comes to anime. From the latest to the oldest anime this website has it all. Gogoanime lists its series alphabetically that makes it easier for users to look up their preferred anime. On their homepage you can find the latest and most popular anime. Apart from that anime movies are also there just in case.

Kissanime is one of the best things that happened to anime lovers. So, while the website is up and running you should take all the advantage from it and fulfill your cravings for your beloved anime series.

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