Khaani Drama last episode| Hadi died or not?



Everyone was waiting for Khaani drama last episode, yet to release today, Hadi’s fans waiting to find what happened in the last episode is hadi died or not? and how the super thrilling story of Khaani is going to end and what is going to be the fate of Mir Hadi!

hadi died

Khaani is a famous drama about Love and to many thrills. In the last episode of khaani the villain of drama Hadi has pleaded for the death penalty himself after confessing his sins but there is also a possible ending for this story and Khaani fans can’t wait to find out the actual one is hadi died or not?!

Hadi must be punished (Public Review)

Here on this stage fan’s of khaani are giving their predictions about the fate of Mir Hadi on different social media. Most of the fans want to hang  Hadi due to his act and now he confesses his sin so Judge must give him the punishment of Hanging till death.

Feroz Khan Fans Want To Save Him:

But on the other side, there is also a great number of fans Specially  girls that’s want to save Feroz Khan AKA (Haadi) due to his confession and his behavior after revelation. Here become two different Pool of Khaani drama’s fans.


What We See

 we write on the base of the previous episode of Khaani. when Mir Hadi confess his sin and he wants a hard punishment from Court against his act of kill Khaani’s brother. In the last episode of khaani there come’s a thrilling point when Mir Hadi’s father  suicide and wrote a letter to him and he start crying in the jail and  his mother  go and request of mercy for Haadi from Khaani’s mom But She was Speechless which cause the confusion in the audience mind that what will happened in last episode.

Here Khaani’s mom looks a bit confusing if we see her feeling and expressions we hope Meer hadi is forgiven by Khaani’s mom. But if Khaani creates a pressure on his family then Meer hadi will be hanged because Khaani (Sanam Khan) will never forgives her brother’s Killer.

Conclusion :

our point of view against Meer Hadi according to dram’s story that he should be punished till Death. Please give your opinion about Khaani drama in the comment section.

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