Justin Beiber Arrested For DUI Charge Detail With Images



justin-bieber dated model while arrested

Justin Beiber is the well know younger celebrity famous for his pop singing,Now turn to 19 and he won’t no more claim to teenager celebrtiy.
the latest news about Justin bieber spread everywhere that he is arrested for the DUI charge on the Miami Beach,Because he was dragging car after coming from  the late night party under the influence of Drug and alcohol and moreover he was dated with passenger model  Chantel Jeffries,who was the ex-girlfriend of DeSean.

Justin Beiber Arrested For DUI Charge Detail:

justin Bieber drunk and dating with Chantel Jeffries

Justin Bieber was coming from the party at thursday night in his yellow Lamborghini with Supermodel (Chantel Jeffries) who dated with many other celebrities.He was under the influence of alcohol,Miami police notice that his eyes was bloodshot and he was drunken up to the  level of .04 but the minimum level is .02 and for him this was high level because he is under age.moreover he failed to field the sobriety test,
and when Miami police asked the question to him he said wrong  he was not drunk last night and he was coming from the studio,even he failed to proved he did not  alleged any crime,
After this , they had taken Justin Bieber to jail as pictures were spotted on media about this scandal.

2500$ Bail of Justin Beiber:

After they take Justin to jail ,he take the benefit of his high-profile and there were a large number of supporter of Justin Bieber who support him blindly,Justin was crying behind the camera as TMZ reported . Justin beiber appoint the best lawyer “Roy black” for him who defend him, and according to her crime his penalty was for six month but lawyer defend the case and judges were fixed his bail for 2500$   which he can afford.

Justin Beiber Appearance for the Hearing (Mugshot):

Justin Beiber Arrested for DUI Charge

Justing Bieber was appeared in the orange jumpsuit of prisoner. the images were captured through the short-circuit TV.He was smiling that time and made a point for showing off his tattoos and muscles.He got bail and get back to home when the large number of fans are roaring and shouting for him and flew a kiss through his fans as he did.after all he was deported from the Miami.

The Hashtag For Justin Beiber Arrested DUI Charge Trending On Twitter:

justin-bieber after bail flew hand

When the News released on the TV media about the Justin Crime Charge.then the conversation by his fans getting high on twitter.
you can’t imagine that after this new 4 million tweets posted on twitter in 24 hour
and the top Hashtag for Justin Beiber :

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