Hollywood Upcoming Top 10 Movies List In 2014



Hollywood Upcoming Top 10 Movies:The largest film industry in the world with most popular celebrities,Industry fix the highest budget for their films and always try to show something creative, big and wonderful.With the start of every new year we think that the previous year is the best movies year of Hollywood. But you are wrong my friend! Hollywood Industry make us believe that the year 2013 is best.but next year even surprise us more with the big flicks.

Hollywood Upcoming Top 10 Movies List 2014:

Here we listed some collection of most awaited Hollywood Upcoming Top 10 Movies list with detail,including all genre of films eg: romantic, Drama, Comedy , Adventure.

Most of the Film has been Released that are Edge of tomorrow , X men Days of Future Past, Maleficent, Captain America, Godzilla  so we will show your those movie box office collection & total gross even the record opening weekend earning few of them are still running on box office.

10.Edge Of Tomorrow  Tom Cruise latest Movie Official trailer  of this upcoming movie is released.

  • Trailer length is approximately about 2min.34sec
  • Cast: Tom cruise, Emily Blunt, Charlotte riley
  • Directed By: Doug Limen
  • Initial Release in Balgium: 5-March
  • Worldwide Releasing Date:6-June
  • Class : Action , Sci-fi

Story Summary :A Soldier fight with Alien in the War and caught by them,At he last even he better know how to save his life.
 9.Godzilla: Godzilla Releasing Date

Official trailer of the film is released in HD Resolution. 

  • Cast: Aron Taylor-johnson, Elizabeth Olsen, Bryan Crantson
  • Directed By: Gareth Edwards
  • Class : Action , Fantasy
  • Initial Release In USA: 16-May

Robocop Official Poster of the movie is released.As you can see that and it is the story about robot cop who perform his duty In USA. Robocop official Poster

  • Star Cast: Joel Kinnaman, Abie Cornish, Douglas Urbanski
  • Directed By:Jose Padilha
  • Class : Sci-fi, Action, Crime
  • Written By: Joshua Zetumer
  • Initial Release In USA: 12-feb

7.The Expendables 3 (2014): Most Awaited Expendables The Expendables is the independent movie the highest paid celebrities starring-in.It has been released two part of the movie,now its time to release its 3rd part which is:

  • Director By : Patrick Hughes
  • Writer: Sylvestor Stallone
  • Star : Arnold schwarzenegger,  Sylvestor Stallone, Jason stathom, Jet li
  • Type:  Action, Thriller
  • Releasing :  15-August

 6. The Malficent:Angelina Jolie maleficent

  • Director : Robert Stromberg
  • Writer :  Paul Dini
  • Duration: 135.min
  • Major cast:  Angelina Jolie, Elle Fanning, Sharlto copely
  • Listing: Action, Adventure, Drama
  • Releasing : 30-May-2014

5.The Amazing Spiderman 2: Spiderman new part

Upcoming Amazing Spider Man is from the 2nd Series of Independent Movie Spider Man.

  • Director : Marc webb
  • Cast: Andrew Garfield, Emma Stone, Jamie Fox
  • Genre:  Fantasy, Adventure
  • Releasing Date: 2-May-2014
  • Writer : Alex Kurtzman

4. Divergent: divergent cast

A story of teenagers who fought for their divided society by the bad People.this upcoming movie is announced to released in 2014 good thing is that it rating is so high so we may included in Hollywood Upcoming Top 10 Movies 

  • Director : Neil Burger
  • Lead Role :  Shailene Woodely, Theo James, Kate Winslet
  • Genre: Action, Romance, Adventure
  • Releases : 21-March-2014
  • Writer : Evan Daugherty

3. Fast And Furious 7: Paul walker fast furious 7
As we know the major cast of the movie Paul Walker  is no longer in the world.But the Role Of Paul Walker is not Killed from the movie,More we will see in the upcoming  movie till it is under production.

  • Director: James Wan
  • Stars : Vin Deisel ,Paul Walker, Dwayne Johnson
  • Catagories: Action, Crime , thriller
  • Releasing Date: 21-April-2014
  • Written By: Gray Scott Thompson

2.Captain American:The Winter Soldier: captain america 2 trailer

  • Directed By:  Anthony Russo, Joe Russo
  • Stars : Chris Evan, Frank Grillo ,Sebastian Stan
  • Genre: Adventure, Sci-fi
  • Releasing Date In USA: 4-April-2014
  • Written By: Christopher Markus

1.The X-Men Days Of Future Past:
X-Men Is the Most Popular film of the Hollywood Many Of Parts released By this Movie,the latest releasing part is Upcoming X- Men Days of future Past.x men days of future past plot

  • Directed By:  Bryan Singer
  • Stars : Jennifer Lawrence, Nicholas Hoult, Lan Mckellen
  • Genre: Action, Adventure, thriller
  • Expected Date : 23-May-2014
  • Written By: Simon Kinberg

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