Top 5 Male Hollywood Richest Celebrities & Their Net Worth



The Hollywood is surely one of the greatest and the biggest entertainment industry in the whole world and they always tried to entertain the viewers with new concepts. Therefore, stars have a lot of fans all over the world. No matter, in which part of the world you live, you do have your favorite Hollywood actor and you look for their new movies.

This fame has made them Hollywood richest celebrities and they earn a lot from every film or the project. How much they earn is all because of their fans who want to see them in the movies always. If you want to name top Hollywood actors, then it would be difficult to enlist a few talented actors due to tough competition.
therefore, let us see who are the Top 5 Hollywood richest celebrities and dominating the hearts of their fans’ hearts.

1-Tom Cruise:

Cruise is very famous through his action movies and he has won many women’s hearts across the world. He is not only the popular actor, but also a good producer. His net worth is almost $700 millions and he is increasing it rapidly.

2-Leonardo DiCaprio:

Leonardo_Caprio Top networthLeonardo DiCaprio is the star who received much fame in his childhood in his first movie that was  titanic. He made a very high profile through titanic and now dominating the hearts of his fans through many new movies. This has been a all time favorite movie. Leonardo has earned $600 million  so far through his cute and beautiful acting in the movies & he Charged $40 million per film.

3-Will Smith:
Will Smith Richest celebrities

The Will Smith is the world famous English rapper of the era. He has played different roles in many movies, but he received true and great fame when he acted as a rapper in Hollywood movies. He has earned $500 millions gross, so far & he charged 36 million $ per film.

4-Adam Sandler:

adam-sandler Richest Celebrity

The actor is very famous among women because of acting skills in comedy films. Many new talented  actors are inspired by his acting skills. He is the one of the top 5 Hollywood richest celebrities being a scriptwriter, producer and a superb actor. He has grossed $450 millions, approximately through Hollywood films.

5-Patric Wilson:

Patrick Wilson top rich celebrityHollywood richest celebrities include Patric Wilson also who possesses very good worth in Hollywood films and entertaining a lot of his fans till now. His passion was singing, but he suddenly switched and started acting & he has also performed in many American reality shows through which he almost has gained $400 millions.

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