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Here we have some Top rated Hollywood movies release this week In the month of June a really great dose of entertainment for all Hollywood moviegoers & these are not only gonna hit the domestic screens it will be Releasing worldwide at international level such as India, Pakistan, china , south Africa, Sri-Lanka so all of the fans can enjoy it.

Hollywood Movies Release This Week Reviews:

22 jumps Streets (Super-hit)
22 Jump Street Hollywood movies

Channing Tatum & Jonah hills starring in 22 jumps streets a latest released sequel of  super hit “21 Jumps Streets” that had been released in 2011 now the team is back by powering up their roles  to entertain the audience.moreover ice cube a black actor who recent starred in A-team that was remain a blockbuster now appeared playing a comic role.
Jillian Bells a a beautiful female actress who is best at comedy Known for (Bride maid 2011) also featuring as supporting character.

Public Reviews:

Interest Among audience is very high as it out on 13-June it marked a highest opening of 60m$ on box-office  so now you can understand the how worthy or entertaining is it
One of the bad thing its not houseful movie so you can’t watch it with your kids or parents . yea but you can watch it with your gf. ;)

EDge of tomorrow: (Blockbuster)

A famous English film Action Hero Tom cruise & talented actress Emily blunt playing a lead role of movie its not including in this week releases but still running very good on box office it have been out on 6-June on worldwide cinema earning well in international market.More information for box office collection prediction of tom cruise movie you can read another related post

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latest Hollywood movies to watch

Tom cruise always have something special for their fans now he comes after 2 years with his latest (Edge of Tomorrow) war based  interesting story, mixture of action, romance you can watch with families because its houseful.
more-else public rating is very high.so book your tickets from your nearest cinema & enjoy it.

Transformer age of extinction super bowl:
Transformers age of extinction 4 Poster

After the success of last 3 parts of transformer now set to released its  4th sequel titled as Transformer Age of extinctions leading  Mark wehlberg, T.J Miller & Nicola peltz, set to out on 27-june-2014

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its trailer was out 2 month ago on YouTube got a millions of hits & on that basis ,added in the list of most awaited highly budgeted movie of 2014.most of Hollywood fans almost watched their prequels so they don’t need further explanation.

So in this week when you get a free time then take your time & watch any of one above listed top Hollywood movie.be updated for the list of Hollywood movies releases in 2014 

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