Hollywood Blockbuster & Super Hit Movies List 2014



Hollywood blockbuster superhit movies 2014
Trend of providing blockbuster movies is not a new thing in Hollywood, they have been entertaining its viewers for many years. Other entertainment industries of movies are following their concepts.Hollywood released many super hit movies in every year. But here we will talk about hollywood Blockbuster movies list 2014 for your convenience so that you could enjoy current and fresh flicks and the flicks people are still talking about.

1-Transformers: Age of Extinction

If you are lover of science fiction movies, then don’t go back so far to fulfill your lust, you may watch a super hit movie of this year that is full of new technology concepts.Mark Wahlberg & Nicola Pletz Playing a lead role in it released on 25-june-2014 & collect $ 302 Million on box office on its opening weekend & still running very well.

2-The Fault in our Stars

This movie goes for younger’s and especially for teenagers who love to watch the mixture of love and entertainment. It may touch your emotions as it has the element of a cancer support group.Shailene Woodley & Ansal Elgot performing a vital role it has been released on 2 june got very high rating moreover public reviews are also positive.now  close its business from box office after collecting huge revenue of $48 million & marked as super hit of 2014.

3-How to Train Your Dragon 2

You don’t need to be afraid of wild animals like a dragon when you can train them according to your own perception. movie flick will give you good experience about wild life else it is animated 3d film that earn reasonable revenue of  $200 million & marked as Hollywood blockbuster of 2014

4-22 Jump Street

If you are a fan of Jonah Hill & Channing Tatum then you would love to see this movie in which he played very epic role. You can’t stop yourself from laughing while watching it. It is a good mixture of crime and comedy.

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This one also include in the Hollywood Blockbuster movies list 2014,Angelina Jolie is lead actress of horror genre film twisting up with excellent work of adventure and romance You can also enjoy it among family members. Maleficent worldwide total gross reach $500 m  that is why fall in the list of Blockbuster list of 2014.

6-X-Men: Days of Future Past

A machine like a human being is the major factor of the film who sends some back to the past to change the history. You will have the chance to see the humans and mutants at once.its a fourth sequel to X-men really preffered by fans & rated high & gross upto $600m in its box office run.

7-Edge of Tomorrow

It is also one of the Hollywood Super hit movies list 2014 Tom Cruise fans won’t be disappointed from his latest action thriller. He played an army man role and fought with an alien race. You may watch how he planned to do so.

7-Dawn of the Planet of the Apes

Caesar led an emerging nation of the apes who was scared by a group of human survivors. This adventure with the dramatic thriller won’t let you bored.you have never missed a chance to watch Dawn Planet of the apes movie because there are some days left to released, soon it will hit the theaters on 17-oct-2014 Worlwide else more expectation for box office business  are splendid don’t think just book your ticket in advance

8-Captain America – The Winter Soldier

The Winter Soldier is another and latest installment of Captain America in Hollywood Super hit movies list 2014 that received 8.2/10 rating on IMDB. The threat to fight is new but history is the same struggled by Steve Rogers.

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