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Rock hercules 2014 hit or flop

The leading role of the Hercules movie is Rock who is very popular star of the wrestling world. No doubt,his successful life is derived from stepping into pre-branded movies like G.I. Joe Retaliation and Fast and Furious-5.

If we think about Hercules movie 2014, he is trying hard to begin a franchise on his own even his role in this film is without comedy touch of his super hits. It could be possible that it surprises and performs in line with clash of the titans but here is reasonable prediction that may closer to above $300.

Hercules Movie Hit or Flop

We strongly accept and acknowledge that our Hercules Box Office Hit or flop  forecast may not be 100% correct but it is ample for someone who wants to know about it for some gambling purpose. We also provide a jumping off topic for discussion in this way. So here we go for forecasting purpose.

Theater Or Cinema Reviews:
In-fact it is not the only much awaited movie that is going to be released on 25th another awaited flick Lucy that is all set to be released on big screen on the same date. But Lucy is gonna hit 3200 theaters while Hercules will hit 3500 location. Well… here is also another flick called The Fluffy Movie on the same date but it will hit only 400 theaters so it can’t be in the competition.

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In a hard race, we are giving the slight edge to Hercules. It seems as if the odds are against the film. The Prequel grossed with $18.8 million in total as there was a lack of interest in the source material, but there are still some facts that are considerable otherwise.

The major person, I mean the director of the film has produced many super hits like X-man series, Rush Hour and Tower Heist so there are rare chances to be flop for his latest production. The Rock has already earned high fame with the performance in Fast & Furious franchise so it chances are for $22 million for the opening of the this adventurous flick.

Hercules 2014 Box Office Collection

Opening day : $11,068,458

2nd day box office:  $10,206,324

3rd day Box Office :  9,516,535

opening Weekend box Office Collection :$30,700,266

11 days Worldwide Hercules gross :$112,379,527  

Total Expected Collection: $55000,000

Highest Grosser In India : 22 cr net

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Mr. Rock has become famous because of his super hit Fast and Furious in 2011 and now for his latest movie, twitter activities are also very strong. Unlike The Legend of Hercules, source material is very well- known among its fans which is enough for brand recognization. So we may conclude that chances for being super-hit are high.

Whats Your reviews About 2014 Hercules box Office Collection & hit or Flop ? Do you like this movie.

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