How to Buy a Garmin Watch in Singapore



Do you like to maintain an excellent fitness routine but are unable to track your progress? Whether you are an active runner, swimmer, or even a bike rider, Garmin watches has covered you.

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From your heart rate to overall performance progress, some of the high-tech Garmin watches provide accurate information in this context. Moreover, fitness junkies can find a huge collection of Garmin watches at Rack85.

All you need to do is scroll through the page and choose the best one. This way, you can get your watch whether you are in Singapore or in another part of the world.

Plus, this blog also features some tips and tricks that may help you in selecting the best Garmin watch.

Go for Online Review

In current times, you can find online reviews for almost every device. So, before paying for a watch, it is best to go through different reviews. This step will help you make a decision and you will find a watch according to your needs.

If you are runner and want to track your progress on a daily basis, you can look for Garmin watches that are designed, especially for runners. These varieties provide accurate information about heart rate and more.

Software and Functionality

You need to go through watch’s software and functionality to check whether it is easy to use or not. Take note that you are supposed to sync your watch with your smartphone so that you keep a track on your progress and performance.

Some of the Garmin pieces vibrate or beep once you complete a milestone which is also a fun feature. So, make sure the watch you want from the company offers ample features that make it a worthy purchase.

Moreover, most of the functions are quite simple to learn. All you need is to invest some time and understand your fitness watch. And, let it do the job for you.

Check Durability

It is crucial to invest in a durable watch so it can benefit you for a long time. Almost all Garmin watches are known to be durable. Hence, when you opt to buy one, you need to look for battery life and its sturdy design.

For example, you can consider Garmin watches that offer consistent battery life for up to nine days in smart mode. You can also your watch for straight 13 hours if you use GPS at the same time.

Apart from battery life, you need to check comfort level. For this, double check the strap if it is flexible, easy to wear, or sweat proof. There are protection covers also available to keep your watch in good condition. You can even ask for a warranty from the vendor.

Moreover, most Garmin watches come with integrated software and apps that fix bugs or update them automatically.


Not just durability but size of a watch matters too. You do not want to wear a watch that does not fit on your wrist. So, pay attention to the size of your watch. You will find many Garmin watches that fit everyone.

This is possible because of a stretchy and adjustable band that features multiple holes. With the help of these holes, people can adjust the watch according to the size of their wrist. Most importantly, do not overlook the comfort level when you exercise while wearing it.

It should be fixed to your wrist so you can make the most of your physical activity. For swimmers, it is best to go through the quality of strap material. This is because they need to spend hours in water which might affect the durability of your strap.  

Bottom Line

Garmin offers a huge collection of cutting-edge watches. Each variety comes with functional features that do not only improve your workout performance but keep you updated about your progress as well.

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