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Today we gonna give some exclusive facts about your favorite actor arjun kapoo who become a super star after 3 movies and got a huge fan falling including male/ bceome a worthy in bollywood he charge these day 15 crore per movie which is quite good for some one who is totally new to industry.

As the demand increases due to his crazy fans they would really interested to talk him or chat with him on social media even girls are dying to meet him once in their life.

Habit of big actor is that he respect their lovers because they are the reason to make him popular so Arjun Kapoor decided to make a little chit chat with his fans on Facebook where he uploads a picture and updated a status & Allow people to Ask Question answer to him on this official facebook page.

Here the 30 fact about Arjun Kapoor that you have never know before because its his official chat where he tell or answers the questions of common peoples.

Here is Link official  Facebook Page You can read there too . 

Questions/Answer Arjun Kapoor Official  Facebook Fans Chat:

1 : What’s ur perfume

Tom Ford Black Orchid

2 : Which is your next movie.
Finding Fanny & Tevar

3: your favourite Aamir Khan film
Rang De Basanti

4: Which young actor would you like to work with
Varun Dhawan

5: Favorite location / country for holiday ?
New York Greece

6: whose next You wanna work with after alia as Yours co actress?

Kareena kapoor

7 : which food is your more favourite?

jungli mutton,lebense foods,  Chinese

8:What will you do if you are in the place of Krish Malhothra ?

i would do what he did for his love

9: what do u think about priyanka chopra
She is Super fine

10: r u really going to marry alia bhatt its true news
No Ya

11: Do you ever watch any TV series/ sitcoms like HIMYM, Friends, TVD? If yes, then which one is your fav?!

watching house of cards right now

12: how do You feel in Bollywood? i mean is it an awesome place or just fine?
i loved it

13: why do u think people give a shit?
Cause its habbit

14: What’s your favourite scene in 2 States
The scene where i confront my father

15 :If you could be a superhero, what would your name and the color of the costume be.

16 :Are you happy with the way your career is shaping up
A Long way to go before i feel happy

17: Your fave Eminem song Arjun

18 :Did u come for bollywood by Your own work or by  uncles fame?
i came to become an actor &  hopefully You will like me for my work and not surname

19: Do you like ranveer more than Alia Bhatt please
love both

20: Since you’re doing Tevar now , have you watched the telugu and tamil version of that film ?
yup i saw it.loved mahesh babu spoke to him as well before i started tevar

21: how can u prove it to me that its really u and not a assistant or something
come to yrf studio

22::when/after you do intimate scenes on screen, how do you stay detached emotionally after the shooting? Is it really very easy to act out scenes like that and go back to being friends/co-actors or does it bug you for sometime as well?

its difficult to reply to ur question by typing..but its all part and parcel of the process

23: favorite clothing brand?

24: what is most important in friendship?

Honesty and Comfort

25: Did you read 2 states Novel by Chetan bhaggat
No :

26: Do people still call You fubu??
yes my friends call me fubbu

27:what song is closest to your heart
ishq bulava

28: What’s Arjun’s  favorite cake
Red velvet

29: Are You  still in touch with Alia Bhatt

30:Do you face your own fears or run away from them
we cant run from our fears ever

Thanks For Reading this article hope you will like it and become a helpful to know about Arjun kapoor hobbies, lifestyle Arjun Kapoor Weight loss secrets and many more facts we have provided you.

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