Emma Watson Takes Legal Action Over Leaked Photos



Celebrities are often seen making headlines for various reasons. And, we see the beauty and the beast actress – Emma Watson taking legal action. This move of the actress make it to news and it spread in a short time.

Like everyone, celebrities or high-profile individuals need some privacy as well. It may sound absurd as most of the time we see public figures sharing details of their lives. However, everything related to their life is not for media consumption. Some of them are absolutely serious about it. And, recently Emma Watson sent a legal notice when her privacy was threatened.

Legal Action

Watson publicist came out and revealed that a few photos from clothes fitting with her stylist have been stolen. These images are a couple of years old. On this incident, an action was taken on Emma Watson leaked photos on an urgent basis.

Her publicist further added that these photos are not nude and that lawyers have been instructed on it as well. Moreover, her publicist denied further commenting. It is a possibility that her team must be looking for the sources where these images have been published.

Take note that the actress has been warned when she gave a speech on women’s right in UN back in 2014. It was a part of her role as a goodwill ambassador. This incident received limelight when a user of 4chan threaten to post private photos of the actress. This user sat up a countdown to the event but he never posted any photos of Emma Watson.

Watson Statement

Emma Watson leaked photos

On this occasion, Watson made statements where she said she knew it was a hoax and no such photos were in existence. She stepped up to speak for women’s rights and was targeted in 12 hours. She further took to Twitter and tweet that reading comments that have no empathy is sadder than seeing woman privacy is violated on social networking websites.

Controversy after UN Speech

The actress did not only make it to headlines because of the Emma Watson leaked photos. Watson caught in a controversy when she appeared on the cover of Vanity fair in revealing clothing. This is because numerous Twitter users think an actress cannot opt for a bold outfit when she counts herself as a feminist.

On Watson’s this step, people accused her of hypocrisy. Emma Watson is not the only female celebrity who opt for legal action on such an issue. Amanda Seyfried along with Watson are two known faces whom private photos leaked just after they spoke about women rights. These images are reportedly posted on different websites including 4chan or dark web.

High-Profile Victims

According to different reports, private images of Jennifer Lawrence, Dylan Penn, Kylie Jenner, Alyssa Arce, Rose McGowan, Marisa Tomei, Katie Cassidy, have stolen as well and was published online like Emma Watson leaked photos.

Moreover, ITV’S ‘the morning’ host Holly Willoughby in the UK, received threats and taunted by hackers that they will reveal her nude photos. In her response, she said, she is not concerned as there are no such photos. Although there are plenty of cases like this, it is unclear how the hackers hack such images of high-profile women.

The Hacker and Prosecution

Reports have it that in 2014, Ryan Collins who belongs to Pennsylvania stole photos from 101 celebrity women. In this case, bigger and known names like Rihanna and Jennifer Lawrence were also included. He did this by using 72 fake Gmail accounts and 50 icloud accounts. Moreover, this activity was made possible after the struggle of two years.

The hacker accessed by phishing attacks that he continued for two years. He used to send emails from reliable sources like [email protected] This serves as a reminder that if you received an email including warming of technology scam, do not click on the links or reply to such emails and contact the company directly. Once the hacker got access, he downloaded the backup of accounts on iCloud.

You will be relieved to know that Collins was tracked and sent behind bars in October 2016. He was sentenced up to 18 months. Not only this, there is another man – Edward Majerczyk. He hacked around 300 accounts. However, he was caught and sent to prison for nine months.

Wired Survey

In the case of Emma Watson and Amanda Seyfried, Wired did a quick research on Twitter and found that one user posted stolen images of the victims 17 hours ago. Wired reported the account on the charges of harassment. Moreover, Reddit post and tweets had shown that alleged controversial photos of Amanda Seyfried along with other models and actresses had been posted on the dark web.

Bottom Line

Social media can be threatening to anyone including celebrities. The issues like Emma Watson leaked photos surfaced just after her UN speech on women rights is disturbing. Moreover, lack of empathy from fellow gender is another stressful factor that the actress has pointed out.

Although the culprit caught and got what he deserved, social media is still vulnerable. Be it Emma Watson or other woman celebrity, their privacy should not be violated. These photos were stolen after her speech which indicates how speaking for women right is difficult even for a high profile celebrity like Watson.

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