Easy Hairstyle For Parties|Easy Hair Tutorial




Ladies are Very crazy about their Fashion Luxuries and their appearance.They Wants that they are looking perfect among their gathering.Hairs is prominent part in Our parts Of body and Girls mostly prefer to their hairs.everyone adopt different hairstyles according to their choice.

Today we discuss about the easy styling which take less time and looking also good its a technique that how can we make a better hairstyle in 5 to 6 mints . And i think girls prefer the Easy Hairstyle For Parties. i will explain you easy Hair tutorial and teach you various hairstyles.

Easy Hairstyle For Parties.

In western sides the Trend of parties is very common then Asian Country.Similarly the passion of hairstyles  is mostly found in western side.Especially for teenagers girls they want to get ready in 2 minutes and their preparation for  hair styling must be easy. So today i will tell you the best and beautiful easy hairstyle with tutorial.


  1. Combing in all the hairs.
  2. With The help of roller do curl in each layer for a while.
  3. make backcombing in front hairs
  4. And Do comb in all the hairs .it will be looking so fabulous.
  5. Then make high Pony with Front Updos .
  6. take the lower hairs and cross in to the catch Hairs.
  7. After that the spare hairs roll around the hair band and pin up them from inside.
  8. In Last of all applying spray to maintain the hairstyle.

Easy hairstyle just in 2 minutes.

A best and beautiful hairstyle which makes in 2 minutes is the requirement of every girl. girls want to spend just 2 to 3 minutes in their hair dressing. its my personal experience m also very excited about my hairs styling i am in teenage and attend many functions  and club parties i have no time that i spend 10 to 15 minutes on my upper area means hair part so i know the same case is with all of girls. so i will teach you the easy and simple style for any function and party which consume just 2 or 3 minutes.


  1. combing in all the hairs.
  2. Make braid from one side and end on other side.
  3. In last caught all the hairs from the end.
  4. Apply spray to maintain the style.

Beautiful and easy hairstyle is ready. try all the styles at home i hope u will try it and make it for parties and functions.

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