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These Mehndi Styles are perfect for Bridals.Most of the maids have no spare to wear mehndi. But Mehndi Increase The Beauty of Hands.every girl wants to wear Mehndi Especially on special occasions.Girls like simple and decent mehndi design For hands and Feet.

Unique Mehndi
Mehndi plays an important role to increase the beauty of brides hand.Without it Bride is incomplete.On wedding day every Girl become conscious to her beauty preparations. After.After Makeup and Dress Every Girl Gives Importance to it.Hands are the Front part of Body and every one who looks us, noticed our hands first. So it Should be looking Perfect.

Simple Mehndi Look
Simple And easy Mehndi styles are Mostly Liked.because it takes less time and give Beautiful impact .Today’s Brides are also Like decent and Simple Mehndi. i am also a beautician and i know whats the type of mehndi mostly Liked by girls.In this pic a bride wears decent and easy mehndi design on her hands,which not looks ode.

Bridal Mehndi Fashion
Today I will tell you the correct method of applying easy and simple mehndi on hands. firstly, Main thing is that the color of mehndi should be dark With dark color it looks attractive and fabulous without it mehndi looks spoil.secondly the Cone mehndi should be perfect.When we applying mehndi on others hands we sit on 90s angle otherwise its effect on your eye sight.the Main point is that if unfortunately mehndi color is not goes dark ,we would apply the water of sugar called molasses when we apply it one to three times mehndi becomes dark. its our Mother’s (old) formula but its very perfect.

Mehndi with Red

In this article we point out some bridal Mehndi Styles which we hope u will like it.The Best and Perfect mehndi Styles and Design Are Available on our Site.

Easy Stylish Design

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