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Bohemia mika singh new song

Bohemia is pioneer of Punjabi rap born in Pakistan. these days he is living in California and Mika Singh who is also belong to Punjab now suffuse over Bollywood music industry he is one of the famous singer after Honey Singh in India both Bohemia & Mika Singh ready to shoot a Video for their upcoming song that would be released in 2014.

Bohemia & Mika Singh song:

Meanwhile both legendary singers working for video & there is not more detail for song but it might be released in august this time it’s gonna be big to shut the mouth of all haters.

Why Bohemia Hate Yo Yo ?
Raja is very passionate for his music career when he saw somebody is disgracing his own created Punjabi industry he feel shame so he gave his message in songs. then fight starts.


Bohemia-mika singh Tweet new song

On 10 July King Mika  tweet this post on twitter “Going to shoot a big video with the Baap of all Punjabi rappers the one & Only My brother Bohemia”

What happened when he post this tweet ?

As all the fans know that there is confliction between Bohemia & Honey Singh from long ago because Bohemia create Punjabi rap so Yo Yo  is junior to him but He don’t ready to admit this fact.both of them getting sarcastic for each other & somehow abuse in song or concerts which turn them into enemies.

King Mika singh also worked with Yo Yo in many Bollywood song they have close relationship after his tweet that he said Raja is Baap of all Punjabi rappers we think its enough for yo yo to accept his guru as guru a & respect him.
because level of Bohemia is so high from him. He wrote many abusive & aggressive rap which make his reputation bad against his fans .

Yo Yo is copy cat  always copied his senior rapper rapping style & not ready to accept that he is copying.

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Now What do you say About Bohemia & Mika Singh Upcoming song ?

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