10 best air conditioner services to try



With seemingly no end to this year’s summer season and the mercury soaring even higher by the day it is imperative to give you want to get some relief from the scorching heat outside by buying an AC.

While buying, the obvious things that come to our mind are the energy efficiency ratings, power consumption ratings, and tonnage ratings of air conditioners. While these three things should be considered there are a few other factors which also need to be looked for. With so many brands available in the market with scores of different functions it is important that your air conditioner is the perfect match for your needs. Here are a few new air-conditioning features to look forward to-

Ubiquitous sensor network for smart cooling

A unique feature that evenly cools the room no matter where you are sitting is the key factor in this sensor-enabled cooling agent.

Wi-Fi enabled air conditioners

This is a perfect match for you if you are always glued to your smartphone. Click here to get through the features. These ACs connect to your Wi-Fi network so that you can control them through Google Assistant or Alexa or even through mobile apps.

4-way airflow

It cools all directions evenly because of the 4-way swing. Good for drawing rooms, large meeting rooms, and halls.

Fast cooling or the Himalaya cool

If you like speed then this is certainly the AC for you.  This AC has powerful chilling technology which can bring down the temperature very quickly. If you live in places like Delhi or Rajasthan and coming back home after a long day’s work then don’t worry, your AC will cool you off in a matter of minutes.

Humidity Control and Dry Mode Technology

If you are living in south India or places like West Bengal where there’s a lot of humidity in the air, then this type of A.C is indispensable for you. Built-in with the Auto humid control technology it regulates the humidity inside the room.

PM 2.5, PM 1 and Anti VOC filters

If you are living in places where there are a lot of fine particles in the air like sand, dust and other pollutants with less than 2.5-micron size, then this AC may prove beneficial in the long run. Anti-VOC filters protect harmful gases from entering the air conditioners.

Auto clean technology

Mostly all the AC nowadays have this feature inbuilt. Some variants will also alert the user when there is a need for manual cleaning.

Dual Inverter Technology

This technology will control the power of the compressor. When more cooling is required it gives the compressor more power and when less power is required it gives it less power.

Protection from leakage of refrigerants, fire or corrosion

It protects your AC from power cuts, voltage fluctuations and fire due to short circuit.

Auto-restart technology

Your AC will restart itself after power cuts. Although not a very eye-catching feature this comes handy in places where there are a lot of power cuts.

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