Amir Khan Pk Peekay Box Office Collection | Hit or Flop



Amir Khan (Pk) Peekay Box Office

This year 2014 bring up a 5 Mega Movies of Bollywood from which amir khan Peekay (pk) is at the top of we gonna discuss Peekay Box Office Collection prediction or Expectation or it will be hit ,flop or bombed at box office as his previous release dhoom 3 did.

Rajkumar Hirani directing Peekay starring famous actors Sushant singh rajpoot, Sanjay Datt, Anushka Sharma including Amir  leading the movie & Slated to released on Christmas 2014 so this time he choose the good responsive date to out his film.

Christmas event locked or booked by famous actor who known as Mr perfectionist Amir khan for his movie Peekay as other big star such as

1: Ajay devgan locked Independence day For Singham 2

2: Srk Booked Diwali for Happy New year

3-Salman khan pick Eid event for his upcoming mega action movie Kick.

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Latest Update Peekay :

1: Latest buzz spread around about pk that the date is delayed to next year 6-June-2014  but still it is not confirmed .

2: Amir Khan’s Sons Azaad khan will also appearing in it getting trained under the father guidance.

3: Source said :Anushka Sharma who recently have a  lips surgery is ready to have lip lock with lead actor so she will be seen doing some romantic scenes with him.

4: Most of the Scenes were captured in India , Rajhastaan,Chandni Chowk,

What’s New:
The story ,poster or not anything shared on media except the random  shooting pic of stars appearing in it as it is social satire film amir is in tried to be perform some comedy scene to make it full of entertainment.

In peekay he put a large focus to his costume in his first look he wear lehnga & pent coat which is too much attractive & got the intention of public. same as other actors just like Anushka Sharma , Sanjay datt, & Sushant Singh Rajpoot are coming up with something new & unique that you have never seen before

Peekay Box office Collection predictions:

it is  Multi starrer movie so there is no chances of flop because cast & crew are high authority having goodwill in the Bollywood Hindi film it’s gonna catch or attract many moviegoers.

if we talk about Amir khan then he is starring at the top of list from past few year by giving consecutive number of super hit movies as Dhoom 3 mark a record pf highest grosser  movie of Bollywood.

Another thing , fans always expect something bigger & badder from him  because he is hard-worker & take a lot of time to shoot one movie. There was a rumor from long time that Peekay & Bombay velvet having releasing date clash still not settled both of these movie releasing in December.

Expected Box Office collection of peekay (pk)
Peekay Box office Collection on opening day : 30crore 
Second day : 28 core
3rd day : 25 crore
Total peekay box office collection on it opening weekend : 70crore approx

Luckily according to the expectation Pk Total box office collection including domestic & worldwide would be 400crore.

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