7 Silly Mistakes in “Sultan” while filming



Salman Khan is famous celebrity of Bollywood since 2000. He has done many movies and proved that era of Khan is not an easy task for newbies. Recently a movie is released by Bollywood “Sultan” casting Salman Khan as a lead actor. Movie has done so much mistakes during filming and directors didn’t paid much attention on them during releasing, Here are 7 Silly Mistakes in “Sultan” while filming.

7 silly mistakes in "Sultan" while filming

Salman Khan is not my personally favorite supper star but his movie Bajrangi Bhaijan made some space in my heart for him. After watching “Sultan” he touched soft corner of my heart and proved to me that being in status and maintaining your place in acting is not an easy part and it asks for a lot of hard work. Aside from his life lets talk about those 7 Silly Mistakes in “Sultan” while filming.

Sultan in Akhara:


Sultan was fighting in akhara (A Ground to Fight Kushti) where i noticed while watching movie that Salman Khan got highly Photoshop effects and lets have a look at them.

Poster Mistakes:


When I bought ticket and rushed to the hall I thought that I should have a look on poster. So I read the names carefully as this is my hobby, and suddenly I noticed that the designer of poster didn’t know that the color of logo of Instagram is not blue. It seems like the sign of Facebook.

Salman and Anushka did full justice to roles:


I know it is not an easy task to play role as Haryanavi Guys. As they are good actors but some where they slipped from their accent. You can notice that clearly when they talk to each other.

The Scene which you may know and start laughing:


At a place Salman picked 3 school kids and head towards “Ganne Ka Rass” he leave those kids there and rushed back towards his place. He was supposed to drop them to school right?

When Sultan Wins Gold Medal and returns to his village:


Does this statue looks like Sultan? No Way..

Aarfa’s Power:


One more mistake is this that Arfa fights with Men and 2nd is that She fights with the men look far stronger than her. Isn’t silly? They should focus on feminism and she should be fighting female wrestlers in village.

Sultan is human, not Superman:


There is a scene where villagers ask Sultan to help them to lift the tractor out of muddy area and the mistake is this that Sultan lift that tractor so dramatically within few seconds well at-least the Sultan is human not Superman. Sultan also says this in other dialogue.

One more Photoshop thing here:


Watch this picture clearly and try to notice.

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